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My teacher told me what I'm made for.

WHO: Quentin & Hank ([personal profile] futureleader & [personal profile] professorlionface)
WHERE: School Cafeteria.
WHEN: afternoon-eveningish
WARNINGS: Quentin inquiring about touchy subjects.
SUMMARY: Taking advantage of his dinner date from the auction that happened a kazillion years ago, Quentin finally decides to pay Hank a visit.
FORMAT: quicklog?

[ It took a lot of willpower to set foot onto the school grounds. Quentin was somewhat cautious about the school, and Hank. For good reasons. One, he hadn't attended school in a year which broke his probation back home. But it also left bitter feelings between himself and his former teacher. Quentin wouldn't necessarily call them bitter but, strained. Their relationship was strained and both sides were pulling in opposite directions. Perhaps tonight, both sides would leave with some sort of satisfaction. Then again, someone was bound to end up with a headache.]

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["Strained" is a good way to put it. If anything, Hank is wary of this evening, he doesn't know what exactly will come of it. He'd love to hope a bridge could be built as a result, but he isn't sure how realistic that is, even if he's been making a fair habit of that lately.

Nonetheless, he'll carry through it nonetheless, and give it his very best. He puts on his best smile and bursts through the door from the kitchen, a tray with two bowls of Caldo de Queso and a basket of bread in his hand.

Mr. Quire, you're just in time! Please, please, have a seat, and we'll get this shindig started.
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[He's tempted to correct Quentin on the title, but that's about the last way he'll ever get him to call him "Doctor" instead. Instead he treats it like nothing, setting down his tray on the table, placing the bowls where they belong, and taking the seat across from Quentin.]

I hardly expect you'd pay as much as you had without getting your money's worth. It was more a matter of "when" than "if".

[ooc: alo because i'm super dumb and wasn't thinking about it, the soup isn't served with bread, but tortilla chips instead.]
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I wouldn't expect any less. Though if a favorite wants to keep his place, you would think he'd be inclined to work for that favor.

[He takes up his spoon and taps it against the table twice, then gets a few chips between the fingers of his other hand and uses them to support the scoop his spoon takes.]

Money can't buy everything, you know. And I can't help being curious how you came into it to begin with. [He already has suspicions, he just wants to hear it from Quentin himself.]
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[It's still more than Hank expected. He wouldn't put it past Quentin to mind control someone to pay for things he wants.]

And you're still living on the surplus despite the job being in the past tense?
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Your savings must have taken a severe hit from the auction, then.
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Haven't seen it, no. [He offers a wry grin before taking another chip & spoonful of soup.]

Does that mean you've been well-behaved? Are you bragging now?
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[Both of Hank's eyebrows raise at the insinuation there.]

That I had. But I also tried to teach you what the best opportunities are, and how to determine the goals they would advance.

What are your goals lately, Quentin?
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[There's no surprise in that last part. Even if it weren't true, Hank didn't really expect him to come back of his own accord.]

What kind of work do you plan to look for? Just something to keep you busy?
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You go to what can be some rather extreme lengths to relieve simple boredom.
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What you really need, then, is direction. Something productive to pour your passion into. A concrete goal, attainable and quantifiable as you work toward it.

You have a lot of potential, Quentin, you just need to put it into something other than acting out for its own sake.