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WHERE: The Xavier Institute
WHEN: June 15th, early evening to all night long!
WARNINGS: Who knows! Language is likely, violence is possible, dancing is mandatory.
SUMMARY: prom night prom night gotta get down on prom night

As you enter through the doors of the Danger Room, the sound of cicadas chirping clues you into your arrival to a tropical paradise. Red and orange lights show a room transformed, vines all along the walls and trees that seem to reach the beyond the ceiling. There's no doubt now, you're deep in the heart of the jungle. You can almost feel the heat of a distant volcano, the humidity wafting in from a river just outside, but that's only your imagination. Luckily, someone had the foresight to bring an exterminator into this jungle beforehand, as there isn't a bug in sight.

Fierce papier mache dinosaurs look down on your throughout the room, some perhaps planning their next meal, others regarding the intruders to their home with something not unlike fear. From the stage, the gleaming jaws of a downed Tyrannosaurus look on at the partiers, hungry even in its taxidermied stated.

But there's one ornament that stands above them all: the mirrored surface of what appears to be a pterodactyl man, reflecting the lights all across the room in ways most disco balls only wish they could.

Welcome to the Savage Land. Hope you survive the experience!

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So, no repeats from last year, right? [Spider-Man saunters up, gesturing at Hank's punch before he settles himself against -- rather, on -- the nearest wall.] 'Cause I've got a three-year-old to chaperone, and that's eighteen years too soon to explain to her mother if she ever gets 'ported back in.

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[He snorts, rueful, and takes the cups with a nod of thanks.] Not so much "they" as "she" -- told me she wanted to come and that I should get my tux rented pronto. Could've put my foot down, but I figured it's probably good for her to get some socializing in, right?
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[He shrugs, awkward in his tuxedo and with the sentiment.]

So long as the Porter keeps bringing kids in, someone has to look after 'em. I won't pretend I'm the best qualified, but at least I'm here.
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[He snorts, which comes out kind of weirdly under the mask, but whatever.] Two are easier to deal with than six, anyway. I don't think it's ever been more than six at once, anyway...
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Uh-oh. [He pretends to cringe back in fear.]

Y'know, I actually enjoyed the teaching gig while I had it. Dunno how good at it I would've been in the long term, but I'd like to think I inspired a few young, scientific minds in my time.

["A few" as in "two or three," but hey, every little bit.]
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Easier said than done. This one time I tried that and accidentally taught my kids how to stuff a chicken.

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[ Gil's only moving past the table to get to the designated wallflower corner, but it's impossible to miss the giant blue cat standing in the middle of his escape route. His entire body goes rigid, clenching with fear and at the same time, he's struck with guilt because Hank's a mutant this is simply the way he is. It's not his fault.

It's just so difficult to shake that fear of cats.

He barely makes eye contact, but he does lift a shaky hand in greeting. ]

Good evening Mr.-- no, Doctor...
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[ He politely declines. ]

I'm not hungry, but thank you. [ He's never been big on sweets anyway. ]
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Really, it's fine, Doctor. [ He did a little research on prom and is wary about the possibility of alcohol being in it. He doesn't need to be a gross drunk tonight nor does he want to. ] I'm just... watching. Mostly.

[ It felt stupid to say, but he didn't engage in social events well. ]
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Dancing? [ He feels anxious just thinking about it. ] I'm quite fine where I am.
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I'm not very familiar with this kind of dance or music. [ Ballroom dancing is the only form of it he's familiar with. ]
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Maybe later, Doctor.

[ Please don't make him dance. ]

So um, how have you been?

[ Tries to distract!! ]

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