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WHERE: The Xavier Institute
WHEN: June 15th, early evening to all night long!
WARNINGS: Who knows! Language is likely, violence is possible, dancing is mandatory.
SUMMARY: prom night prom night gotta get down on prom night

As you enter through the doors of the Danger Room, the sound of cicadas chirping clues you into your arrival to a tropical paradise. Red and orange lights show a room transformed, vines all along the walls and trees that seem to reach the beyond the ceiling. There's no doubt now, you're deep in the heart of the jungle. You can almost feel the heat of a distant volcano, the humidity wafting in from a river just outside, but that's only your imagination. Luckily, someone had the foresight to bring an exterminator into this jungle beforehand, as there isn't a bug in sight.

Fierce papier mache dinosaurs look down on your throughout the room, some perhaps planning their next meal, others regarding the intruders to their home with something not unlike fear. From the stage, the gleaming jaws of a downed Tyrannosaurus look on at the partiers, hungry even in its taxidermied stated.

But there's one ornament that stands above them all: the mirrored surface of what appears to be a pterodactyl man, reflecting the lights all across the room in ways most disco balls only wish they could.

Welcome to the Savage Land. Hope you survive the experience!

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[His brows arch.]

Are you saying I'm a scruffy sort normally? How terrible...

[But he doesn't seem actually offended. The slight smirk that hovers about his mouth is a relatively friendly one, as these things go.

The night must not have gone wrong yet for him.]
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"Enjoying yourself" is really ordinary. I'm past things like that, you know.

[ Hipster Archer strikes again. Fortunately, he seems to be at least somewhat aware of the ridiculousness of what he's saying; his lips are still quirked into a wry half-smile. ]
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[ At best. It's something like "hiding the truth in humor." And from the look in Archer's eyes for a fleeting second, he has a feeling it didn't work so well. ]

Vows? I have no such things. They're inconvenient.
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[He straightens up a little and, for once, holds his chin high.]

I'm chaperoning. I am a guardian sort, after all.
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[Bemused, Archer stares at the wagging finger as if he could find some kind of answer in it. Not finding it, he shifts his gaze to Hank's face almost reproachfully.]

Isn't that a reckless way of thinking? Chaos is bound to break out with a group like this.
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[Now he has to find a way to avoid admitting that he doesn't know how to have a good time.

As if it weren't pathetically obvious already.]

I'm not interested in taking that risk.
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[He tries not to be flustered at that laugh.]

Don't you know? Everything can be viewed through the lens of risks and benefits. It's the practical way to look at the world.
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I see.

[He folds his arms.]

You've reminded me why I don't go to many parties.
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[A little flustered, but trying (and failing) to hide it, Archer takes a small step back.]

They are pointless, and they don't follow any reasonable sort of sense.
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I can relax just fine. But not at a dance.

[He blurts it out, because he's that flustered.]
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[He tries to recover himself, but he can't very well admit that he can't relax at a dance because it's not home. Well, he could, but then he'd actually be admitting something about himself as a person, and he's no good at that.]

It's just a really inconvenient place to be. Don't people relax with a quiet meal at home with family instead?

[So then he goes ahead and does it anyway.]