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It's a dirty job but they're very suave.

WHO: Archer ([personal profile] swordedpast), Hank McCoy ([personal profile] professorlionface), Yako Katsuragi ([personal profile] topslug), Kurt Wagner ([personal profile] themisfit), Peter Parker ([personal profile] incywincyhero), Val Richards ([personal profile] smarterthandad), Saber ([personal profile] promisedvictory), Mordin Solus ([personal profile] heal_or_execute), Curt Connors ([personal profile] mostlyarmless), Minako Arisato ([personal profile] xxii_thefool), and Tony Stark ([personal profile] liverletdie).
WHERE: Near Esperanza Base, Antarctica; Belfast, Ireland; and the Cayman Turtle Farm, in the Cayman Islands.
WHEN: Starting Tuesday, June 18th, and extending over the next few days.
WARNINGS: There will probably be some violence!
SUMMARY: Three teams of plucky, or possibly foolhardy, researchers set out to uncover more about certain scientific anomalies they've found that may be linked to Vulcanus.
FORMAT: Quick-log.

For over a month now, the ragtag group of scientists, or at least science-minded people, gathered by Archer to hunt down scraps of information left by Vulcanus has researched and studied, studied and researched. Finally, by early June, they've narrowed their list of suspicious locations to a few targets, and by the middle of the month, they're ready to depart to investigate those locations up close.

In the tiniest hours of the morning on Tuesday, June 18th, they split off into groups and begin traveling.

Hank McCoy, Archer, and Yako Katsuragi head down to Antarctica, to get up close and find out more about reports of scientists inexplicably visiting a desolate location.

Saber, Kurt Wagner, Peter Parker, and (carefully watched by the adults) Val Richards head to Belfast, Ireland, to learn more about the city's peculiar flooding.

And Mordin Solus, Curt Connors, Minako Arisato, and Tony Stark take a flight to the Cayman Islands to see the truth of rumors about mutant turtles with human body parts growing out of them.

The intention is to be back by Saturday at the latest, and to share any important information found out there with the Network as soon as possible.
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[ Given that she's not granted the same abilities as her companions, Yako's had to take different precautions against the climate. Thanks to Tony Stark, she's been equipped with a mesh bodysuit that hugs skin-tight, a visor and mask over her eyes and mouth to facilitate breathing and visibility.

It's actually pretty comfortable, though definitely outside her usual taste in outfits. The poncho she's thrown on on top of the whole getup is really more because she feels too exposed dressed in what is essentially a catsuit and nothing else, but it still leaves her pretty mobile. From time to time, there's a pause to get their bearings and correct their course as necessary, and check that their equipment's all in working order.

No telling what they'll run into, when Vulcanus is involved. ]
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[Hank's hunkered down on the floor nearby, inventorying his backpack and a utility belt he's got as well. It's no portable lab, but hopefully it should provide enough equipment to get them through this.]

You ever been down here before?
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Never. [ Yako looks up from where she's taking advantage of the pause to actually eat, cold weather be damned. Energy bars are no substitute for real food, but she's still chomping them down. Who knows, maybe she's storing all those carbohydrates up for later. Like a bear fattening up for winter. ]

I've traveled to a lot of places, but I've never had a reason to visit the South Pole. What about you, Dr. McCoy? [ It's funny; she's the second person she's met with that name this week alone. ]
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First time I had ever visited the South Pole, I was only seventeen. We were woefully unprepared and came out lucky to find the shelter we had. [But this isn't a story about the Savage Land, that would have been for last Saturday.]

There won't be any dinosaurs here, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean we'll have nothing to watch out for. The cold itself can be your greatest danger, if you take it lightly.
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[ She smiles, plucking at the fabric -- if it is really fabric, somehow she doesn't think it can be called just that -- of her suit. ]

At least we're well-equipped. [ And it's oddly comforting to know that someone who's had experience with being here is on their team. She should probably leave him be to prepare, or talk about the mission parameters, but instead she finds herself asking something quite different. ]

What was it that brought you to the South Pole? [ And a better question, how were dinosaurs able to survive this climate? ]
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[He doesn't miss a beat, checking the pouches of his bag as he talks.]

It was just that, news of researchers being attacked by prehistoric beasts. We were, ah, something of a jetsetting group back then.
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Was it a superhero team? [ In the City, that kind of history's almost always a fair assumption to make. ]

You must have been able to find the cause, or I assume you wouldn't be here now.
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[He finishes picking through one pouch, and so he zips it up and moves on to the next.]

Oh, we liked to think of ourselves that way. "The strangest heroes of all," they used to call us. Turns out there was an entire underground jungle full of prehistoric life. Some of it even human!
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Under all that ice? Sounds like something out of a movie... [ But then, it's hardly the strangest thing that could have happened. ]

What happened to it?
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[His pouches checking out, he fastens the straps on his pack tightly, testing the weight to make sure it'll hold.]

Oh, it's still there! Has been for all these years, though something of a secret among those of us in the know.
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[ She props her chin in her hand, trying to imagine it -- though the whole idea of dinosaurs rings a bell, and she laughs a little softly. ]

Was it the inspiration for this year's prom?
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[He chuckles lightly, leaning an arm against the pack after he sets it upright.]

No Ka-Zar in a loincloth to fight our thunderous reptiles, but yes, for the most part.
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Who was Ka-Zar? A friend?

[ There's genuine interest and attentiveness in her voice. Somehow, for being in a world with people from all kinds of places, she never gets to hear many stories. ]
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You could say that! He was something of a prince down there, you know the kind. [And then he stands up to pantomime each quality as he describes them.] The long blond hair, the homemade spear, the glistening muscles! He was the real deal.
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[ She has to lift a hand to her mouth as Hank acts it out, but while she can stifle the laughter, she can't hide the amusement in her voice. ]

A true jungle prince, then. I didn't know such people existed.
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I'm serious! Sometimes he looked like he might have walked off the cover of a romance novel! Though he acted like a bit of a brute, and certainly fought like one.

Easy on the eyes, maybe, but who knows how long any girlfriend would be able to take it.
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[ Well, he doesn't sound nearly as bad as Neuro -- not deliberately cruel, at least -- but there's a wryness to Yako's expression that suggests that sort of description sounds familiar. ]

You'd be surprised. Sometimes there's just no accounting for taste. [ She grins, then sobers again. ]

I suppose we'd be lucky to run into that kind of help out here.
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Probably. [He rubs his chin with a frown.] If we strike gold here, we'll be more likely to encounter the very opposite. You gonna be okay if it comes to a fight?
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[ She plucks at the material of her bodysuit, as if to draw attention to it. ]

Well, according to Mr. Stark, this is supposed to hold up to anything we might run into. If worst comes to worst, you could always throw me at something.

[ She might be half-serious about that, unfortunately. ]
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[Hank lets out a laugh, but it's not a very confident one.]

I don't know, I can throw pretty hard.
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[ She smiles, shaking her head. ]

You could say I've had prior experience. [ Without the benefit of a suit, either. ]

Have you heard from any of the other teams?
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[He takes out his communicator, giving it a couple taps.]

Nothing, really. They set down safely, at least, but nothing's turned up yet.
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No news is good news, right? [ It's a cliche, but one she feels comfortable using in this case. ]

I imagine we'll have a chance to discuss it once everyone gets back.
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Well, they aren't likely able to check in while in the middle of the mission. I'm sure we'll know the results once they do.

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