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WHO: Angelica, Dan, Hank, and Kurt
WHERE: Xavier Institute
WHEN: Friday Afternoon
SUMMARY: Dan tries his hand at that whole job interview thing
FORMAT: writer's choice

Dan straightened his tie for the second time as he entered the doors of the Institute. Institute. It seemed like such a dire name for a place of education, but he wasn't here to critique the choice of name. Finding a job had seemed like such a daunting task for someone who had no identification or background in this world, but so many before had managed so Dan became determined that he too could make something of himself. Gil had mentioned Hank and there had been pamphlets no doubt meant for minors about the Institute, so contacting Doctor McCoy had seemed like the reasonable thing to do. Now Dan was arriving for an interview completely unprepared.

He straightened his tie one more time before entering the Headmasters' office. The suit was second-hand and slightly out of date, but so was Dan, which made the whole thing seem oddly appropriate. He took a deep breath and put on a smile as he walked into the office.
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He might be both surprised and disappointed to learn that the school's colors are actually black and yellow. But right now, it's all blue, mostly due to the hand the large man offered Dan. "I assure you, the pleasure's all mine, Mr. Dreiburg! Have you liked what you've seen so far?"
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"Ah, I think you'll find this is one of the more advanced campuses around. But it's something of a foregone conclusion, considering the people who run it and the type of work we do." Hank was rather proud himself of the alterations he himself had made. Even if it was a prior iteration of his that installed the Danger Room, he'd done quite a bit to advance its methodology, and made a strong effort to improve the school's defenses just in the last year.

But still, it had a rather traditional aesthetic to it. Maybe a bit more old boarding school than it really was. "We can always start with the classrooms, or I could show you around the offices. We keep the labs in the subbasement."
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"Of course! They'll be right down this way." He gestured down the hall, waiting for Dan to follow before moving in that direction himself.

"I couldn't say what the building was used for prior to coming into our hands, but the Institute had come here well before I did. January 2010, I think. Obviously, the larger facilities helped us to accommodate a larger student body, and I believe it was about that time that we started taking non-imPort students, allowing us to expand to a properly accredited academy."
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Hank spread his hands with a slight frown. "Certainly, we haven't been without resistance, but the attitudes fluctuate. It's been nearly five years since the first imPorts arrived, and at this point some of us manage to carry some degree of legitimacy."
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"Well, I'd like to think that's all of us. Having more than just muscle, I mean." He rounded a corner in the hall, opening the third door on the right and flipping on the switch. It was mostly standard, tables, chairs, and blackboard, though some of the equipment made it seem almost like a miniature lab. One of the light fixtures in the middle of the ceiling looked odd, black and spherical like the domes over security cameras, but not quite.

"This one's my Biology class. I've taken a few slight liberties with the equipment, something of a personal indulgence, but I can get any of the others similarly set up to match the proclivities and capabilities of its teacher. You know, cater to their own approach."
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Hank let out a modest shrug. He was rather proud of his equipment, enough that even with classes out of session, he tended to spend a day in here at least once a week to make sure it was all properly calibrated. "A little bit. I like to get the students' feet wet, and their appetites." Though that would be 'whet', but he let the homonym imply it. "Sometimes a little hands-on work can be the most effective way to do that, and maybe to get them excited for the field on a more longterm basis."

Looking up at the dome, he crossed over to his desk. "That actually is a bit of ruse. I know what it looks like, but it's simply the best housing I could find for it." With the touch of one button on his desk, the lights dimmed. One more and the dome lights up a column in the middle of the room, projecting a hologram of the double-helix shape of a DNA strand.

He came back around to poke at it, one small section moving with his finger. "Just a visual aid, if you will. I can make it project anything I need in this room, and it's fully interactive! I've considered replacing dissections with it once or twice, actually."
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"Well, the images will need to be programmed or scanned if you want them to display as anything more than flat, or map out how it will interact."

He tapped a few buttons on a remote he held and the image shifted to a high resolution portrait of Gregor Mendel. "But I can always bring things in from the internet. The technology is technically native, but the know-how that makes it work all comes from my world. I think most of their recent leaps all come from us, really. Or at least we inspired them."