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WHO: Gilbert Nightray and Hank McCoy
WHERE: Xavier Institute
WHEN: Backdated to the end of July
WARNINGS: Baked goods
SUMMARY: Gil comes by to visit Hank for his birthday
FORMAT: quick

[It's a rare time to find Hank not holed up in the lab, working on a new project, tinkering on this or that, but today he wants a bit more air. Summertime puts fewer demands on the library, so it could use the air too, and the attention. With the doors flung wide, his feet are hooked to the rafters coming from the ceiling, giving him a good perch to dust the books with.

Of course, with that many books, it's easy to get distracted, especially when the higher shelves hold the older editions, so he ends up spending more time thumbing through them than actually working on his task. Some of these he doesn't own, others he hasn't read in years, how can anyone possibly blame him?

What currently has his attention is A.A. Milne's The House At Pooh Corner, his feather duster carelessly stuck between his teeth.
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[ The closer he gets to Hank's office, the more his anxiety gives rise to goosebumps on his skin. He likes Hank, it's just unfortunate someone he actually doesn't mind conversing with so happens to be feline-like in appearance. He grips the edges of the plastic container tightly, in case his quivering arms actually manage to shake the entire box out of his hands.

When he doesn't find Hank in the office or in the lab, he ventures around the building looking for him, eventually making his way into the library. He doesn't think to look up, his eyes scouring the floor level instead. ]

Maybe he's not in today? [ He wonders aloud to himself. ]
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Huh? Above...? [ That definitely sounded like it came from above. He arches his neck to take a peek -- ]
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[ Instantly he's frozen to his spot, all colour from his face fading. ]


[ Face-to-face conversations are always going to be difficult. ]
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[ He's trying to keep his gaze steady, but he's growing more and more tempted to avert his eyes. He finds himself questioning miserably: why did it have to be a cat? ]

E-Eh? Cold? [ Oh, that bullshit story he came up with. He's glad for the most part his nose has healed up. It looks like nothing more than he walked into a door a while ago. ] It's long passed.

You were on the ceiling...

[ He had no idea Hank could even do that. Can cats do that? That's a terrifying thought. What if cats rained down from the ceiling one day? ]
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[ His body grows rigid, though he follows Hank with his unblinking, widened eyes. ]

I-I'm fine... I don't mind standing. [ He had long limbs and sitting meant having nothing to do and staying still, rather awkwardly, too. He preferred standing for the time being. ]

Oh! [ He finally regained some feeling in his arms and held out the container for him. Inside, he would find freshly baked scones. ] I hope these are okay. Finding fresh blueberries is growing rather difficult with the summer approaching its end. And not many groceries carry fresh produce in the first place.

[ He's mostly just picky. ]
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I haven't been able to pass by lately. [ Too busy stalking all those names he's kept from New Vesuvius. It's proving futile; none of them so far have been acting suspiciously. They may as well be different people. ] I will when I get the extra time. Considering the season's probably almost done.

[ He's so anal about fresh foods. ]

I'm fine, really.

[ He looks to the container, waiting to see if Hank is going to take a bite. ]
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Alright... [ He practically murmurs and slowly lowers himself onto the seat. He's still watching eagerly, his eyes growing larger when Hank bites into one. ]

... How is it?