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awakened to cheers after years on the faultline

WHERE: The new Avengers Embassy, at Stark Tower (the one that's not the Porter building)
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 25th afternoon to evening
WARNINGS: Probably nothing?
SUMMARY: Max Lord introduces the newest member of the Avengers to the team: Black Panther! Everyone, get to know each other, this is for mingling of all sorts.
FORMAT: Quick.

[ It's not exactly a meeting; they can discuss pertinent issues (as always, Max has a whole agenda of topics to bring to the table) another time, because today, what Max wants to talk to the Avengers about is short and sweet. It's something to celebrate! Within their brand new Headquarters Max Lord stood in a brown suit and a checkered tie, a table laid out with food and drinks running the length of the wall to his side. ]

Now, I know we have a lot of Avengers business to discuss, especially since some of us were gone for most of the month. But that's not what we're here today for. But of course if you want to talk shop later I won't stop you.

I'd like to present you all with the newest addition to our team: please welcome Black Panther to the Avengers. I think we can all agree we had a few [ Er. ] holes to fill... and this is our guy. In fact, I think a few of you know each other already.

( I put up a few working subthreads but feel free to make your own! This is for mingling and working out fun team dynamics, do and talk about absolutely whatever you want to. c: )
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[Hank pours himself a glass of bourbon and takes a few finger sandwiches. They are actually about as big as his fingers.] Feeling indecisive?
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I don't think food should be rushed into.
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Maybe, but it's better enjoyed than agonized over! [He gives one of his sandwiches a sniff to determine what exactly it is. Tuna salad, hmm? He won't turn his nose up, but the things are small enough to barely be a bite as he tosses it in his mouth.]
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I don't feel agonized.

[She shakes her head.] We do things so quickly, now.
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True. It's likely a symptom of overcommitment. We have so many things to balance our time between, we can only devote so much of it to luxuries.

[He picks up another sandwich.] Still, I'd rather spend that time enjoying the food than choosing which food to enjoy! When you have two options, why not try both?

[And this is how kitties get pudgy.]
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It's an enviable tactic. [She sighs, and picks up one of the sandwiches.] But I have to watch what I eat.

[Not the way a model does, the way an Olympic athlete might.]
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Making every morsel count? [This time he takes a plate, and starts to fill it up, paying more attention to the variety available.] I'm often advised to do the same, but I just try to work it off instead.

Sometimes I think I may overestimate my metabolism, unfortunately.
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It's easy to do. America encourages it.
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I suppose we are a culture that encourages indulgence. But it can't be too bad, as long as one doesn't go overboard with it.
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It's certainly better than starving.
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I think in the majority of the population, we don't really understand what that's like. Perhaps slightly more common now than ten years ago, but the excess may be a symptom of that never having been a genuine threat in many American's lives.

[He blinks down at his plate.] ...Or maybe I'm overthinking an afternoon snack.
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I do know what starving is like.

I'd take excess, every time.
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Well, that's...really only natural. I doubt anyone would prefer the other option.
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Fortunately, though, there's room for a happy medium.

[She takes a bite of her sandwich.]
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And much as it would be preferable that we could all find this medium, I won't turn my nose up at my what I'm given over it.

[He raises his glass with a nod before taking a drink.]