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A Night in West Egg

WHERE: The Xavier Institute
WHEN: The night of June 16th, all night!
WARNINGS: Who can really tell anymore? Probable language. Possible violence. Copious dancing.

The guests into an auditorium transformed. Through the magic of papier mache, the room has been decked out like a speakeasy, the refreshments laid out on a very makeshift bar that will not stock alcohol as long as they can prevent it. The whole room is cast with a cool blue light, and a jazz band's been hired to take the stage for an hour before leaving the rest of the evening to the DJ.

It was time to get this party started.

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[ carol scoots up behind him at one point early in the evening to grab a cookie and say hi. ]

You look dapper tonight.
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[ oh, hank. it's really hard to keep a mostly straight face with a confession like that. ]

Maybe we should get you some contacts.
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Well, if you can stand being half-blind, that's your choice.
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Oh, good thinking.
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Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that I more or less missed most of the pouch phase a few people went through?
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[And here's Peter, who's taking a break from the punch to avail himself of other consumables.] Hey, Hank! Looking good. Mind if I steal a slice of that pie you're guarding?
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Oh, really? [He doesn't waste any time sampling the goods.] Mmff -- oh, wow. [Mouth still slightly full:] "Compliments" is definitely the word of the day. I'll have to check this place out!

[Swallowing.] And thanks. I thought I'd play against type and dress up a little, just for once.
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[He chuckles and tucks it into one of his pockets.] I'm sure I'll need to butter her up at some point, eh?

[Touching the tip of his hat in a salute.] I dunno, Hank. You've got the dapper look down, but it's not really my style. Plus I'd probably lose it in all of a week, and that's if I'm lucky. [Crime doesn't always wait for you to stash your fedora in a safe location, after all.]
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[Pausing with a forkful of pie halfway towards his mouth:] Uh, I guess? [He's not really following.] I mean, Carol's pretty laid-back herself...
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argh notifs :(

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But the hat is old -- I thought that was the whole point of this party! [He pops the pie into his mouth, then waggles his fork.] Sorry, bad joke.
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let's say he told him!

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[Peter laughs obediently enough, but his mood's shifted. He looks down at his plate, making a few desultory pokes with his fork but not taking another bite.]

Listen, uh ... change of subject. I really appreciate you not being weird about -- you know. [He glances around to check if anyone's listening.] What we talked about the other day.
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[He shrugs underneath Hank's hand, though not enough to dislodge it.] Kind of a bombshell to drop on someone after two years -- or more than ten -- of knowing them, though.

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